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 Gold mine in Zloty Stok

The gold mine in Zloty Stok operated until 1962 when it was finally closed and liquidated. The reasons for the liquidation are unknown till this day. The mine was then unused for 34 years until an underground "Gold Mine” tourist track and a museum of mining and metallurgy in Zloty Stok were opened here in May 1996. Tourists may visit two drifts of a vast labyrinth of about 300 km of underground corridors situated on 21 levels.

“Gertruda Adit”, which is 2 kms long, is one of the tourist attractions. The tourists can visit only its first, 500-metre long, part. A rich collection of unique mine plans and maps from the period of the 18th-20th centuries as well as old mining tools is exhibited here. One may also admire here the very rare crucibles and casting forms as well as a muffle furnace where gold used to be smelted.

Gold mine in Zloty Stok Gold mine in Zloty Stok

The mine regularly adds variety to and increases the set of offered tourist attractions by making available for viewing different pieces of successively cleaned excavations.

The gold mine is open every day
from April to October 9:00-17:00 and
from November to March 9:00-18:00

The touring time is 90 minutes. Individual groups enter the mine with a guide (English-speaking and German-speaking guides are available) every 45 minutes. If you plan to visit the mine, remember that the temperature inside is only 7°C.


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